About Ash

Hey, you can call me Ash. 
And no, I'm not just some AI computer program compiling a website. I am a human (just like you) and also seeking what matters in life (just like you). I created Modern Afflatus in the belief that technology, like never before, empowers us with the tools to explore, develop and create a life of meaning and doing what matters. 

What matters to me? 

Reaching our full potential. 

What do I mean? University was a wake up call for me - a realisation that there is so much about being a better person they don’t teach you in lectures. In order to get through my degree I spent hours exploring the internet and putting what I found into practice to discover the tools we need in life that you don't find in a textbook. 

It wasn’t long before I found out that my friends felt the same way so I started to curate the best articles, videos, music and technology to encourage them to keep doing what mattered in their life, no matter what challenge they faced. 

And through these explorations I found out more about myself along with passions for photography, creating music playlists, travelling, understanding technology and mentoring others. 

My mission now is to curate the best of the internet and deliver it all here for free so you can save time, feel more fulfilled and ultimately be inspired to do what matters in your life

- Ash