About Ash

Hey, you can call me Ash. 
And no, I'm not just some AI computer program putting together a website. I am a human (just like you) and also seeking what matters in life (just like you). I created Modern Afflatus in the belief that technology, like never before, empowers us with the tools to explore, develop and create a life of meaning and doing what matters. 
What matters to me? 
The feeling you get when you solve a problem that you've spent forever on, visiting the city of Berlin, engaging conversations that you can lose track of time in, the PS2 era of video games, getting a PR in the gym, supporting friends with their crazy endeavours, having the ability to be curious and acting on it. 
I believe that everyone is good at something and want to offer a resource that I wish existed going through university that better prepared me for life on the other side. I'm still learning (just like you) but my goal is to always be better than the person I was yesterday. 

Thank you for checking out this website and making it matter. 

- Ash