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The practical guide to keeping our humanity in the digital age

& inspiration to do what matters. 

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Afflatus (ah-flay-tus): A divine creative impulse or inspiration

Greetings fellow explorer! 

And welcome to Modern Afflatus! Your own personal oasis of the internet to explore, develop and create what matters

What is Modern Afflatus exactly? Well I'm glad you asked! 
It's essentially a human curated collection of inspiration to do what matters in the digital age. 

We get so distracted by endless amounts of content on the internet that we could use a space to breathe. A place to focus on the sh*t we actually want to and the content that can empower us to do so. Modern Afflatus is about exploring, developing and creating three things:

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Self Awareness

explore Who you are and how to become the best version of yourself. 



How you can develop the best relationships with others. 


Harmony with Technology

Why we need to create balance between the Devices we use day to day.

My name is Ash and I hand pick the best videos, articles, images, quotes and even songs from across the internet and bring it here in one place just for you. For free. Never any ads, pop-ups or spam.

Just pure afflatus. 

Want to learn more on how to find yours? Visit the about section, otherwise scroll down to get started!

Modern Afflatus Background Wakelet-min.png

Just breathe and begin to...